Pricing is an easy and cheap way of developing an app. The cost for further development and maintenance is also minimal.

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Start-up costs

The basic module costs {basicModule} {currency}. A yearly license fee on {basicModuleYearly} {currency} will be added. The yearly license is included in the price of the basic module.

The basic module can never be released in itself as Apple demands an app can’t simply consist of a website. There must always be integrated with some of the functionality that normally can’t be accessed from a website.

Description Price Yearly license
Basic module {basicModule} {currency} {basicModuleYearly} {currency}


Beside the basic module you’ll have to select at least one integration. If not the app will be rejected by Apple.

Integration Price Yearly license
[integrationPush] Push notifications {integrationPush} {currency} {integrationPushYearly} {currency}
[integrationCalendar] Calendar {integrationCalendar} {currency} {integrationCalendarYearly} {currency}
[integrationQrScanner] QR-/barcode scanner {integrationQrScanner} {currency} {integrationQrScannerYearly} {currency}
[integrationGeofence] Geofence {integrationGeofence} {currency} {integrationGeofenceYearly} {currency}
[integrationNfc] NFC {integrationNfc} {currency} {integrationNfcYearly} {currency}
[integrationShare] Share {integrationShare} {currency} {integrationShareYearly} {currency}
[integrationBiometric] Biometric login {integrationBiometric} {currency} {integrationBiometricYearly} {currency}


Description Price Yearly license
[additionalStoreAssistance] Creation in Apple App Store og Google Play Store {additionalStoreAssistance} {currency} {additionalStoreAssistanceYearly} {currency}
[additionalTabletSupport] Tablet support {additionalTabletSupport} {currency} {additionalTabletSupportYearly} {currency}
[additionalIconCreation] Creation of 6 icon suggestions {additionalIconCreation} {currency} {additionalIconCreationYearly} {currency}

Your price

Price Yearly license
Based on the above selection your price will be {price} {currency} {yearlyPrice} {currency}

Subsequently changes in integrations

If you after the release of the app wan’ts to change the number of integrations in your you’ll have to pay 50% ekstra compared to the standard price for the integration. Changes in the integrations has a minimum fee consisting of {minimumChange} {currency}.


If you after the release of the first version of the app wants to add Geofence this change will cost {integrationGeofenceAfterRelease} {currency} ({integrationGeofence} {currency} + 50%).

Hourly rate

The hourly rate for consultancy assistance i connection to is currently {hourlyRate} {currency}.


All prices are excluding VAT.

When you receive the test version of the app you will also receive an invoice of half of the total price. The price for the basic module plus the choosen integrations above is {price} {currency}. So the first invoice will be on {firstInvoicePrice} {currency}. The remaining amount will be invoiced when you receive the final version of the app.

We reserve the right to make incorrect entries on this page.