What is starti.app?

starti.app is an easy and cheap way of developing an app. The cost of further developing and maintaining are also very low compared to a native app.


The concept in starti.app is that you already have an existing web-based system, which in principle exposes most of the options that you would like to give your customers in an app. We put this web page as a start page in something that can basically be described as being a simple browser. This means that there are no back and forth buttons or anything else visually visible in your starti.app, apart from your own web page.


What makes starti.app special compared to a regular browser is that your web page gets the opportunity to interact with the mobile and its features, which are usually only available from “real” apps. These options are exposed through a number of integrations that you can choose to purchase for your app.

We have here an overview of the integrations that currently are available in starti.app. If you need other integrations, we would love to hear from you.

Push notifications

With this integration, you get the ability to send push notifications to the user of your app. It offers completely new possibilities for interaction with the user. From your current website you may have the option of sending SMS messages to the user, but with push notifications you save money firstly as it is free to send them and secondly you have the option of linking directly to content in your app.

QR-/barcode scanner

If you want to give the user the opportunity to scan QR codes or barcodes, we have an integration that quickly captures both QR codes and barcodes using the mobile phone’s camera.


If you have to put events directly into the user’s calendar, e.g. meeting bookings, working hours, etc., you can get this possibility via this integration.

NFC scanner

With this integration, the user of the app gets the opportunity to read a large number of the most common types of NFC tags. This can e.g. be used to verify that the user is at a given location, as an NFC tag can not be copied quite as easily as it is possible with e.g. a QR code or barcode.


starti.app is not a browser that contains a function for downloading files, where you can subsequently go in and see which files have been downloaded. Usually app doesn’t work that way. In apps, you often have the option to share content from the app. Eg. it is conceivable that you will allow the user to download PDF files and share them with other apps or forward them without the app having to do all the work.

With this integration, you can allow the user to share documents and other things with other apps on the mobile.

Biometric login

If there is a login on your web page, it probably works via username and password. But users of apps are used to being able to log in using Touch ID or Face ID. With this integration, you have the opportunity to offer your users this functionality once they have entered the username and password on your web page.


If you need to know when a user of your web page is within a specific geographical area, you can get this option via this integration. The integration works both while the app is in the foreground and when it is running in the background on the mobile.