Frequently Asked Questions on developing for starti.app.

Integrating with the app

Functions doesn’t return the expected result

When you call a function exposed by the app the declaration of the function on this site tells you the function returns a value. But in your code it never returns a value.

You should read the section about return values.

Integrating with React

When your site is built using React it’s not necessarily clear how to call functions exposed from the app and how to expose functions from the React site.

How do I call the app from my site?

If your site is built using React you should be able to call JavaScript functions using window.

How should the app call functions in my site?

If you site is built using React you should expose the functions needed from the app to the global scope.

Integrating with Vue.js

If your site is built using Vue.js you may find help in this answer in the Vue.js forum when you should call the starti.app API. The answer also has a solution of how to expose your functions to the app.

Push notifications

Getting started using the push notification integration

The app uses Firebase Cloud Messaging (FCM) for the push notification integration.

We suggest you start out by reading about integrating your server to FCM.

Afterwards you should be able to read the most important part, which is about sending push notifications. Here you can read about how you send to individual devices and how you send to topics and the page contains examples from the various supported SDK’s and REST examples too.

The Firebase Admin SDK has support for backends written in C#, Node, Java, Python and Go. If you use something else there’s support for simple HTTP calls too using the FCM HTTP v1 API.