QR-/barcode scanner

Use this integration for a fast QR- and barcode scanning experience.


This integration allows the app to scan QR- and barcodes in a fast and relieable way using the camera on the device.

Integration name: QrScannerIntegration



isCameraAccessGranted(): bool

Returns a boolean indicating where access to the camera has been granted.


requestCameraAccess(): bool

Asks the user about access to the camera on the device. Returns a boolean indicating wether the call completed successfully or not. So the value can’t be used to determine if there are access to the camera. Here a following call to isCameraAccessGranted() is necessary.


startQrCodeScanner(): void

Opens the camera on the phone og starts scanning after QR- and barcodes. When the camera has scanned a code the camera will be closed the user will be back on the website.



publishQrResultEvent(message: string)

When a QR- or barcode is scanned this event will be raised containing the value of the code.